Guide to Choosing a Mobile Engagement Partner

The rising use of mobile for promotions, loyalty programs, travel notifications and customer-service has created the need for a unified mobile engagement strategy. This guide from Syniverse is designed to help you deliver cross-channel campaigns today as well as provide the tools necessary to expand your company's mobile strategy as its needs grow.

Destination: Connected Travel -5 Big Ideas to Master Digital in Hospitality

The modern hospitality industry has weathered many changes through the years. But nothing has transformed the industry as broadly or as swiftly as the digital revolution has. Its impact is reinventing the entire customer lifecycle—from booking and the on-property experience to checkout and beyond.

Navigating Disruptive Technologies

In this new digital economy, disruption is the norm. How will your IT organization manage this digital disruption?

Digital Travel Benchmarking Report

Competition amongst travel companies online is hotter than ever. As a result, they are paying close attention to how to sell more online, and how digital communications can help them to win, and retain, new customers. In this new digital environment the most successful retailers will be the ones who leverage their business intelligence to build long-lasting relationships with their customers. This report is designed to offer an industry benchmark on how travel companies just like you are responding to the expansion of travel retail online. It reveals key challenges, strategies and priorities faced by the industry, and demonstrates some of the solutions available.

Digital Travel Summit APAC Attendee List

If you didn’t make it to Digital Travel APAC last year, here is snap shot of attendee information.  You may click on the thumbnail to download your copy.

Sojern Q3 2015 Global Travel Insights

Plan your marketing campaigns more efficiently, budget intelligently for the coming year, and understand when travelers are in-market for your product, to increase conversions and bookings. A Few Of Our Findings: Bangkok is the top destination searched by Europeans for the coming holiday season For the Lunar New Year, Japan and Australia are the leading destinations In the US, travelers leaned towards New York to spend their Independence Day, but for Labor Day, Miami was the sought-after destination

Digital Travel APAC 2016 Agenda - Sponsorship

The rules of the game are changing in the digital travel landscape, as APAC’s travel markets undergo major growth in the backdrop of on-going technical advancements, increased mobile penetration, and the growing importance of personalization and re-targeting. The traditional roles of airlines, hotels, OTAs and metasearch are now being challenged, requiring you to rethink your existing digital approach to travel. For those digital travel executives eager to stay ahead of today’s new landscape, Digital Travel Summit APAC offers the perfect opportunity to embrace forward-looking strategies and technologies to capitalise on this perfect storm. Download the Digital Travel Summit APAC 2016 agenda to see what topics the conference will cover next year and the 70 speakers who have confirmed for the event.

Building the Next Generation Passenger Experience

Research shows that when the positive passenger experience rises, non-aeronautical revenue grows as well. Obviously happy passengers are likely to spend more. So what if there was a way to ensure a more positive passenger experience by engaging with each passenger through ongoing personalized dialogue? Send terminal information to a passenger when they arrive at parking, or relate relevant real-time information as they are walking through the airport. This is not a distant dream. Modern Marketers are already reaping the benefits of such technologies today!

Trending 2016 and beyond: Getting to Know Tomorrow's Travelers and their Intentions

Understand the trends and intentions of tomorrow's travelers with this presentation by Stewart Hunter. Asian traveler trends set to magnify in 2016 Where Asians will be travelling to in 2016 How to take advantage of these traveler behaviours?       Download this presentation to find out more.

Mobile Attribution & Marketing Analytics for the Travel Industry

As the travel world embraces mobile and mobile apps, a world of opportunities is opening up for marketers. The Travel Marketer's Guide to Mobile Marketing and Analytics will walk you through this exciting and developing space using practical, travel-industry use-cases focussed on marketing measurement, data and analytics.  

Online Payments Market Guide

The Online Payments Market Guide puts together a comprehensive overview of the global e-payments ecosystem, mapping out ongoing developments, emerging trends and evolving business models. The Guide is released by The Paypers on an annual basis and is aimed at delivering a state-of-the-art overview of the global e-payments and ecommerce ecosystem. You can download a free copy here: