Leroy Pinto

Head of Enterprise Analytics, SEA/India

14:20 Personalization road-map: How can you leverage your customer data to offer an individual, inspirational and seamless customer experience?

A more rigorous, creative and interactive approach to tackling the critical challenges you all face today. Collaborate with 11 of your peers to determine a new 3-step action plan to take back to the office and test. Share your recent experiences, challenge each other on points of disagreement and ultimately find a way forward that leverages the innovation, know-how and insights from the collective brain power in the boardroom.

12:20 All-star panel: Online travel innovators and start-ups – How has the Indian travel market changed and what new ideas need to be embraced?

  • An innovative approach: How can you offer both online and offline products and services to succeed in this marketplace?
  • India smartphone boom: How can you use the power of mobile to drive revenue and growth?
  • The Indian customer mind-set: How has identifying Indian consumer needs helped the company to succeed in such a competitive marketplace?
  • Evolving technology: How can you stay ahead of the curb to meet the demands of this rapidly developing travel market?

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Leroy.

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