Steven Greenway

Head of Commercial

14:00 All-star panel: Staying ahead of the competition – How can you differentiate yourself in the Singaporean marketplace and what does it take to succeed?

With a nationwide broadband network, Singapore leads the region with a high mobile internet penetration rate and high usage of social media. Online and traditional travel retailers have taken advantage of this to launch technology-based campaigns and initiatives that create brand awareness and product engagements through online platforms. The ability to keep up with technological developments, such as 4G network, new mobile devices’ and tablets’ interfaces, as well as social media monitoring, is essential for travel retailers to remain relevant to consumers.

  • What are the top challenges and opportunities in the Singapore online travel market and how can you adapt your e-commerce strategy to them?
  • Differentiation: What are the best digital marketing channels you can tap into to help your brand to stand out in a crowded marketplace?
  • Rise of last minute bookings: How can you adapt your digital strategies to capitalise on this?
  • Luxury travel: How can you encourage the business class traveller to book with you?
  • Major events: What impact will this have on the wider tourism market?
  • Why are budget airlines in Singapore collaborating and what are the implications?

17:10 Case Study: Data driven approach – How can you use analytics to boost loyalty and optimize your digital strategy?

  • Predictive analytics: How can you use customer data to respond to changing customer behaviour?
  • Real-time feedback: How can you use real time customer feedback to customize your offering?
  • Behavioural profiling: How can you transform your data into actionable intelligence?

17:30 All-star panel: The data analytics explosion – How can you drive optimal efficiency and lower costs while enhancing the customer experience?

  • Voice of the customer analytics: How can you increase client satisfaction?
  • How can you use data to understand changes in consumer behavior and optimize their future experience?
  • Rise of data scientists: Are your internal teams prepared to use and handle data to benefit your business?
  • How will predictive analytics re-shape the travel industry?

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