Matt Kwa


14:20 All-star panel: Who will prosper in the rapidly expanding Korean travel market and why?

Korea is currently the third largest outbound travel market in APAC (after China and Japan). It has to continue investing in infrastructure in order to handle the growing number of travellers. Online sales and mobile sales have both risen rapidly with the favourable influence of advanced IT and wide penetration of smartphones.
  • What are the top challenges and opportunities in the Korean online travel market and how can you adapt your e-commerce strategy to them?
  • The ‘me’ effect: How is the fragmentation of the Korean market into ever increasing niches affecting the digital traveler?
  • The leapfrog effect: How has the rapid development of technology and infrastructure changed traveler behavior?
  • The red tape effect: How has the breakdown of barriers for outbound travel impacted the online travel market in Korea?
  • The inbound traveler: How can you encourage and keep growing the demand for travel within Korea?

15:00 All-star panel: How can you boost your digital marketing spend and use social media and partnerships to expand your reach?

  • Faced with an overwhelming choice of digital marketing channels, where should you invest your marketing budgets?
  • Double down on digital advertising: How do you measure and maximise ROI?
  • Life without Facebook: How can you improve your social media engagement using other platforms like WeChat, Twitter and Instagram?
  • How can online and offline partnerships support and develop your digital marketing efforts?
  • The Digital Skills Gap: how to find the digital talent that can help you grow your e-commerce business?

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