Remo Giovanni Abbondandolo

General Manager Middle East

17:30 Fireside chat: Getting your strategy right – How can you overcome language and payment challenges to prosper in the Middle East?

Online commerce in the Middle East is still in the early stages of development, but the region's travel industry is growing fast, both online and off. A predominantly young population is increasingly well-educated, comfortable with technology and excited about living a modern lifestyle – factors that make the Middle East ripe for travel market growth. Travel dynamics differ across the region's individual countries, where technology and e-commerce adoption vary widely.

  • What are the top challenges and opportunities in the Middle East online travel market and how can you adapt your e-commerce strategy to them?
  • What are the localisation strategies that can be implemented to establish customer relationships? -How can you build a successful multi-channel payment strategy inclusive of all online and offline methods in the region?
  • How can an inclusive payment method with alternative offline payment solutions drive conversions?
  • Complexity of Arabic: How can you integrate multiple complex languages whilst keeping the payment process simple?
  • Emergence of Meta-searches and continued growth of OTAs: What does this mean for the future of direct bookings?

17:30 All-star panel: The data analytics explosion – How can you drive optimal efficiency and lower costs while enhancing the customer experience?

  • Voice of the customer analytics: How can you increase client satisfaction?
  • How can you use data to understand changes in consumer behavior and optimize their future experience?
  • Rise of data scientists: Are your internal teams prepared to use and handle data to benefit your business?
  • How will predictive analytics re-shape the travel industry?

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