Robert Philips

Director of Sales and Marketing
Cassia Phuket

12:40 All-star panel: Executing a revenue creation strategy in China - How can you grow your business in such a fragmented and competitive market?

  • Your China batting strategy: What are the 5 golden rules for succeeding in the Chinese marketplace?
  • Travelers shifting online at a blistering pace: How can your business keep up and capitalize?
  • Differentiation: What are the best digital marketing channels you can tap into to help your brand to stand out in a crowded marketplace?
  • Lower prices vs. customer experience – which is more important?
  • Online vs. Offline – which is more important?

17:30 How can you leverage the power of programmatic marketing to increase performance and lower costs?

A more rigorous, creative and interactive approach to tackling the critical challenges you all face today. Collaborate with 11 of your peers to determine a new 3-step action plan to take back to the office and test. Share your recent experiences, challenge each other on points of disagreement and ultimately find a way forward that leverages the innovation, know-how and insights from the collective brain power in the boardroom.

17:10 Fireside chat: How can you enter and succeed in the dynamic, high-growth travel market of Thailand?

Thailand has seen steady growth with internet transactions becoming popular among urban tourists owing to the attractive promotions and discounting prices which continued to be introduced throughout the year. The most popular categories for online tourism are hotels and airlines. International brands of intermediaries such as, and are crucial players which have moved very fast and jumped into the forefront position, notably

  • What are the top challenges and opportunities in the Thailand online travel market and how can you adapt your e-commerce strategy to them?
  • The leapfrog effect: How has the rapid development in technology and infrastructure changed traveller behaviour?
  • The red tape effect: How has the breakdown of barriers for outbound travel impacted the online travel market in Thailand? -Price sensitivity: How can you best use attractive promotions and discounts to differentiate your brand?
  • Political turmoil: How can the market bounce back from low rates of international arrivals?
  • The inbound traveller: How can you encourage and keep growing the demand for travel within Thailand?

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